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    I keep this blog to write down stuff I ran into along the way.

    Let's encrypt TLS certificate in Domino

    “Let’s encrypt” ( ) is a new service that’s currently in public beta (since 3rd of december 2015

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    How to reset all custom themes in Connections communities to default

    We started of with Communities in Connections allowing custom themes, but after applying branding, we wanted to disable the custom themes.
    The custom themes in Connections Communities 5.0 don’t all use the next gen theme yet, so with custom branding, some things look really ugly.

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    Connections Cognos for Metrics and Oracle 11 RAC Cluster

    In a recent project, we struggled with the Cognos installation and configuration for Connections 5.0 Metrics against an Oracle 11 RAC Cluster.

    For the installation of Connections components, we can use the Oracle RAC cluster directly (through it’s load balanced address), instead of simple database connections (just a database server and port), but for Cognos, this does not work.

    The difference is explained here :

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    Default NextGen theme is not displayed after performing a IBM Connections 5 Silent Installation

    If you perform a silent installation of Connections 5 (which of course you do, if you are a professional :-) ), the default NextGen theme is not displayed.

    We only noticed this ourselves after performing several client installations … oops.

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    Open Office multi monitor display

    When using OpenOffice impress for presentations, I noticed it has the annoying behaviour to present on the wrong monitor when you have multiple monitors.

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    How to stop all running WebSphere servers together with the nodeagent (Connections)

    In Connections, you can have a lot of individual jvm’s running on a node. To have these all start automatically when the system starts, you have basically 2 options:

    • create services for the nodeagent, and every individual server you want to start.
    • create a service for the nodeagent, and have the nodeagent start these for you (AUTOSTART).
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    Get and set application security on Connections 5.0

    As a follow-up on this post :
    set-the-application-security-on-connections-4.5-applications-updated.htm, I updated the script for Connections 5.0, and added the possibility to create an input file for the current situation.

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    Setup dnsmasq for proof of concept / development / test environments

    I was growing tired of maintaining different /etc/hosts files on all my Linux virtual machines that run a variety of IBM Collaboration Solutions software. Installing a full fledged DNS server like bind is a bit overkill, and there are solutions to distribute configuration files around (like cfengine) , but I ended up looking at dnsmasq Not new, not revolutionary, but simple and should to the job. And it’s being used by default in Ubuntu …

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    How to show your Organization tree structure as separate Profile types in Connections Profiles (part 2)

    Continued from Part 1 : How to show your organization tree structure as separate profile types in Connections Profiles (part 1)

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    How to show your Organization tree structure as separate Profile types in Connections Profiles (part 1)

    We sometimes get the question, if it’s possible to include the organization tree into Connections Profiles. As you know, since Connections Profiles is user centric, and it includes a hierachy, but the hierarchy is based on people, there is no real separate hierarchy that depicts the organization tree.

    Now this article describes how you could include your organization tree in Connections Profiles, as a profile type.

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    Installing Cent OS 7 on VMWare Workstation (netinstall)

    I tried to install CentOS7 on my VMWare Workstation using the netinstall method (as I always do) , but this failed.

    In the configuration for the installation, I did not see any network adapters. I tried to add new adapters - but it just didn’t work - they did not appear.
    And without network, no netinstall, obviously.

    I tried the same with Redhat 7, to check if it might be something that’s no longer supported (very unlikely), but in RHEL7, it just worked.

    In the end, I deleted the virtual machine with CentOS7, and created a new one. This time, I did see the network card and I could do the netinstall.

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    Connections 4.5 with CCM : if you installed CCM but have not configured it , stuff is broken

    So you installed CCM, but was planning on configuring it later on. In the mean time, you notice that the search doesn’t index and that the recommendations widget is not working.

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