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    I keep this blog to write down stuff I ran into along the way.

    Using Atom as text editor - let’s say I’m not convinced

    I’m working with Atom ( since a few days , because it has integrated Git/Github support and it is available cross-platform, but boy … I hate it.

    It does not do any of the basic stuff I expect an editor to do

    • why is searching so hard ?
    • when I open a file again in the tree , it OPENS THE FILE AGAIN instead of going to the Tab where the file is already open . Other (free) editors give at least a warning if you try to do that.
    • because of that (?), it overwrites my changes from time to time, seemingly at random
    • sloooow
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    Logout everywhere for OIDC/OAuth2 on ISAM

    We have an environment where multiple websites are configured to use OIDC authentication (authorization code flow) to an IBM ISAM acting as the Idp (Identity Provider).
    All these websites expect different scopes in their tokens (eg. access tokens and id tokens). Of course, the user can also use multiple devices (browsers) to access the sites.

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    OAuth and OpenID Connect provider configuration for reverse proxy instances - reuse acl option

    I have multiple reverse proxy instances configured on an appliance, and recently added a new one.

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    Add a header X-LConn-UserId to all requests in Connections

    By adding this generic property to LotusConnections-config.xml, all requests will contain a header X-Lconn-Userid , that contains the logged in user.

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    IBM Cloud Private installation - Filebeat problem (CentOS7)

    After installation of IBM Cloud Private, I noticed I did not see any log information in the ICP UI.

    While checking the logs, I saw that filebeat did not start correctly (or rather, completely failed to start).

    (on the master node: )

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    Synology TFTP server for PXE Boot

    Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, is setup my Synology NAS as a PXE boot server.

    I want to be able to easily install new Operating systems on any new hardware I get, but more importantly, to easily install multiple Virtual Machines on my primary workstation without too much hassle.
    This will involve setting up the Synology as TFTP server , supplying the correct PXE files (images and configuration) , and also configuring my DHCP server .

    The official documentation from Synology is woefully inadequate to get PXE up and running, it is missing a number of vital steps.

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    Letsencrypt certificates for my own test servers

    Yes, it’s a bit over the top to use Let’s Encrypt certificates for test systems, where a self-signed certificate would serve a similar purpose. Furthermore, a Let’s Encrypt certificate has a short lifetime and needs to be replaced every 3 months.

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    WebSphere liberty docker on Synology NAS

    I’ve got a Synology DS415+ at home, and have Docker running on it. I needed a quick way to install a WebSphere liberty server, and since the Synology NAS support Docker containers, why not … It’s very easy to get up and running, you just need a few extra configuration settings.

    Please note that I’m not sure if this would work on any Synology, though. I think you need a Synology that has an Intel CPU (mine is an INTEL Atom C2538) …

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    How to convert Notes names to email addresses in the Notes client

    A golden oldie … I recently had to generate a list of email addresses to use in a Cloud application, based on a mail group in my personal address book.

    The names in that group are in the Notes format, obviously, and I need the email address.

    Now I didn’t have my Designer ready, nor did I feel like accessing the addressbooks directly. And since this actually was a question from a colleague of mine, with no Notes knowledge at all, I needed to find something that works in a regular Notes client.

    So I remembered that Notes includes a built-in @Formula tester. If you put your @formula code in any (regular) field, and press SHIFT-F9, the content of the field is interpreted as Formula language and executed.

    The solution

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    VMWare Workstation command line

    Get a list of running virtual machines

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    IBM Connections Communities Replay events DB2 queries

    Working on a recent problem where events are not processed, I was looking at the wsadmin commands to provide information.
    The Jython code supplied , for instance for CommunitiesQEventService.viewQueuedEventsByRemoteAppDefId("Blog", None, 100), is pretty useless in situations where you have 100’s of 1000’s of events in the queue. The Jython code in the wiki is also plain wrong (but that’s a differentl story)

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    Custom dynamic dns on Ubiquity router with

    Ubiquity Edgerouter X

    The Ubiquity Edgerouter X is a very cheap but very powerful router with a lot of options. It’s based on EdgeOS, which is a linux based distro.
    That basically allows you to do “anything” you want.

    I got it from Alternate, for around 54 Euros….

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