I’m working with Atom (https://www.atom.io) since a few days , because it has integrated Git/Github support and it is available cross-platform, but boy … I hate it.

It does not do any of the basic stuff I expect an editor to do

  • why is searching so hard ?
  • when I open a file again in the tree , it OPENS THE FILE AGAIN instead of going to the Tab where the file is already open . Other (free) editors give at least a warning if you try to do that.
  • because of that (?), it overwrites my changes from time to time, seemingly at random
  • sloooow

Also the integration with Git/Github seems random at best. I regularly need to restart the editor, because I can’t access the Git/Github functions .

I hate it … I even prefer vi .

There are things that I like as well, but I have not found anything yet that would make me recommend Atom over literally any other editor.