During installation of CCM with Connections 5.5 using Oracle RAC cluster by my colleagues, they ran in to a number of problems and got the environment in a completely broken state.

The core problem is that FileNet does not support the modern syntax for jdbc datasources. This technote explains what to do.


That is simple enough .

However , my colleagues continued on a detour, where they also changed the ConnectionsAdmin password. That created a bunch of problems on its own.
It turns out that the Connections 5.5 documentation is incomplete on where to change the occurrences of the Connections Admin user and/or password.

The CCM installer mostly uses the correct source for the username / password (the variables you enter in the installation wizard or the silent responsefile).
But the script to configure the GCD datasources uses a DIFFERENT administrator user.

It goes back to look at the connectionsAdminPassword variable that’s stored in the cfg.py file, in your Connections directory (eg. /data/Connections/cfg.py )

So when you change the password for the Connections Administrator, don’t forget to update it in the cfg.py file as well , before running the CCM installation.

"connectionsAdminPassword": "{xor}xxxxxxxxxxx",  

In the end, this took me over 1/2 day to resolve, also because the guys working on it enabled all traces they could find so I also ran into an out-of-diskspace exception ….. , but mostly because the installation process for CCM is slow.