This is a “How-to” on using the opensource Zabbix monitoring tool for monitoring IBM Security Verify Access appliances. This document includes instructions to install Zabbix on your own machine, and Ansible playbooks to configure both Zabbix and an IBM ISVA Appliance.

How to use Zabbix for monitoring IBM Security Verify Access appliances

At multiple customer engagements, the same question always pops up:

How is everybody else monitoring ISVA/ISAM, and how should we do that exactly ?

— isva customers

This question seems simple enough to answer at first glance, because there is a lot of information out there. However, if you dig deeper, it turns out there is no practical example available and the information lacks in detail, or there’s simply too much information so it’s difficult to start.

This how-to guide describes how to:

  • Set up Zabbix as a monitoring solution for ISAM.
  • Configure it to perform basic monitoring of the main parts of ISAM.

The goal is to provide a complete (or at least, reasonably complete) solution for monitoring ISAM, including examples that you can use directly in your own environment.

IBM Security Verify Access monitoring and alerting with Zabbix PDF