Use this to create a http server usable WAS server repository

Install the IBM Packaging Utility Goto the extracted install directory and start the installation .

Query the repository

cd /opt/IBM/PackagingUtility
./PUCL -sVP listAvailablePackages -repositories /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs/sametime9/90/WAS_ND_V8.5.5/repository.config -showPlatforms
Opening repositories.
Opening repository /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs/sametime9/90/WAS_ND_V8.5.5.
Searching for packages.
Collecting all offerings or updates in repository /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs/sametime9/90/WAS_ND_V8.5.5.

Copy the repository
Use the platform option to create specific versions of the install files for specific platforms.

./PUCL copy -repositories /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs/sametime9/90/WAS_ND_V8.5.5/repository.config -platform os=linux -sVP -target /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs/sametime9/90/WAS_ND_V8.5.5_x8664/ -acceptLicense

You can also use this to include the fixes into the repository - very useful

I actually found the information here :