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Kubernetes and dns

Tom Bosmans  28 April 2017 11:00:25
Kubernetes apparently doesn't use a host file, but instead relies on DNS.  So when setting up Orient Me (for Connections 6) on a test environment, you may run into problems.

Then you may want to look back to this older blog entry :
Setup DNS Masq

You're welcome :-)

To keep with the docker mechanism, look at this to make your life easier :

Note that this is obviously not the only solution,  you can also follow these instructions :


1Pieter Geerts  28/04/2017 10:59:21  Orient-Me pods

Great Stuff, need to check that one out... i was indeed struggling with setting it up

I was running 2 local VMs, one with Connections6 and other running CfC,K8s,...Orient-me. Both VMs use /etc/hosts to connect to each other without using dns.

However my pods cant connect to my Connections server defined in /etc/hosts located on the native OS

[root@om bin]# kubectl exec -it $(kubectl get pods | grep people-migrate | awk '{print $1}') bash

[root@people-migrate-4029352936-dz9sh app]# ping

ping: Name or service not known