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Connections TDI problem

Tom Bosmans  19 September 2013 17:37:33
Recently, in 2 situations , once with Connections v4.5 and once with v4.0, we ran into an annoying TDI problem.
Not a single synchronization worked, and the only thing we saw in the logs was this :

14:58:52,874 INFO - CLFRN0001I: DB from LDAP Field mapping: PROF_VALUE.value <-- value
14:58:52,879 INFO  - [callSyncDB_mod] CTGDIS495I handleException , initialize, java.lang.Exception: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:$Holder (initialization failure)
14:58:52,881 INFO  - [callSyncDB_mod] CTGDIS350I Hook initialize_fail [6].

Now the actual problem was different in the 2 situations, but what is clear is that this error indicates a DATABASE problem.  Do not look at your Assemblylines or code, check your database connections!

In our case, the actual solutions were different :
- for 4.5, we created the databases using the sql scripts first.  We dropped all databases, and recreated them using the DbWizard, and this fixed the problem
- for 4.0, the problem was actually caused by the DBA , who moved the database to a different server.

The TDI error messages are not very helpful in determining the cause, but at least I now know that when I see this message, it's the database.

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