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VMWare Workstation command line

Tom Bosmans  18 May 2018 10:11:38
Get a list of running virtual machines
vmrun list

Use that output to get the ip address of that guest.
vmrun getGuestIPAddress  /run/media/tbosmans/fast/Connections_6_ICEC/Connections_6.vmx

(note that this particular call is pretty buggy, and does not return the correct IP address if you have multiple interfaces : ...  still, it can be pretty useful)

You can run any command in the guest, as long as you authenticate properly (-gu -gp )

So for instance, this command lists all running processes, and you can use the output to actually do something with these processes in a next step (eg. kill them)

vmrun -gu root -gp listProcessesInGuest  /run/media/tbosmans/fast/Connections_6_ICEC/Connections_6.vmx

You can also run any command using that mechanism.

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